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A Voice for Transparent, Community Engaged and Reasonable Education

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About Art Mills

Parent. Community member. Candidate

Welcome to my campaign for school board in the Mounds View district.


My name is Art Mills. As a father of two wonderful girls, Brynn and Bria, who attend or have attended our district schools, I understand firsthand the importance of providing our children with an exceptional education that prepares them for life beyond.

Brynn just graduated and is heading off to the University of Minnesota to major in Chemical Engineering. Bria has two more years at Mounds View High School. I have shared their journey through the schools in the district and am running for school board to best ensure we maintain the excellent education parents, like me, move to our district to enjoy.

I am not in this alone. Please take a look at all four candidates who should fill the four open seats by looking at my three close friends in this race:

Heidi Caccamo

Paul Wikstrom

Mark Kelliher

My campaign is centered on the following topics I will go more deeply into as we have an opportunity to meet, as well as discuss on my blog and a bit more in detail on my about page.  

Transparency: I believe open and honest communication between the district and the community is vital for our continued success and reputation for educational excellence as a district. I believe in open, transparent conversation and debate within our schools and classrooms as well. I am not, and want no other individual to be, the arbiter of universal truth within the classroom. I want the classroom to be dynamic and engaging and open to discourse and marvelous, diverse ideas and concepts.

Parental/Voter Involvement: Whether you are a parent of a student in our district or a resident, you play a vital role to the success our schools can achieve with our kids. Your voice matters. I intend to give your voice the avenue required to help us achieve the best results possible.

Reasonableness and Balanced Approach: Education should be focused on providing a solid foundation for our students, free from extreme politics and policies. I am committed to taking a measured and balanced approach to address the challenges our district faces. This includes keeping the core focus of teaching at the forefront and ensuring that all members of our diverse community, school staff, teachers, parents, voters and our kids, have the support and resources necessary to achieve success.

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Check here for chances to encounter myself and other Mounds View school board candidates out in the wild :). Note as well the "Buy Tickets" is not a real thing. Tickets are always free and just a way for us to know who might be coming for us to look out for.

No upcoming events at the moment

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